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Those That Have Sacrificed - Photo by Lux PictureToday is a day that we will always remember! It is filled with sadness, but also with honor. 14 years ago we were ruthlessly attacked at the World Trade Center in NYC along with the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Many lives have been lost, but many men and women have also been born! In a time where so many ordinary people with amazing and successful careers literally put them to the side and chose to step up to serve this country while some have made the ultimate sacrifice. Today is the anniversary of the attacks, but we don’t celebrate the destruction, we celebrate how we, as a country, are united as one! We are proud to say that our team of photographers and those who work behind the scenes of Lux Picture have some connection with the military. From our lead photographer who’s been injured to our web team lead! Thank-You for your service,┬áThank-You for the support the community gives to all of our service members!

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