7 Tips to Taking Family Photos with Your Phone...

In the event that you can not have a professional photographer follow you around and capture all your special moments, here are some quick tips to help you be the best amature you can be.

7 Tips to Taking Family Photos with Your Phone...

In the event that you can not have a professional photographer follow you around and capture all your special moments, here are some quick tips to help you be the best amature you can be.

About Lux Picture

I guess you should know that I LOVE photography. I started working in the world of photography after I was injured during my Military career. I was encouraged to by many of my doctors to find an outlet that was a little less physically demanding and yet something that would allow me to be creative and imaginative. Well that hobby has turned into something that I’m extremely passionate about now. How quickly the passion that developed over the course of documenting my recovery process, then progressed into the passion of helping others document their own recovery process while recovering from injuries that were inflicted during a military careers and many other life changing events.

I have become fascinated and addicted to finding creative perspectives that most people do not normally see. That is when this passion and LOVE of photography was born within me. I strived (and continue to strive) to create images that are thought to be timeless images that others can look back on and saver those memories that have created happiness and molded us to whom we are today. I have learned quickly that a memory is something that you need to preserve and is priceless. Watching the growth of people and places has touched my heart and was something that I would have never thought of before I started this journey.

I am now thrilled to offer the Tampa Bay area clients’ easy access to full service photography where the clients’ time is put first. We cater to the needs of those who have busy schedules, and want that personalized service to make it a more memorable experience. With many specialties, I often work as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, and a special events photographer. Some of my other specialties include fine art photographer and glamour.

Please take a moment to look around the website and browse through my online portfolio to see some examples of my work. If you are interested in my services for your personal needs, please contact me through the Contact page in the navigation above.

Kids and Babies

About Lux Baby

Babies are cute, babies move around, babies are so tender that not everybody can photograph them with ease, or have you remember the tenderness and perfect sweet and innocence that they are! Do you really want to bring your child of a day or two old to a studio to have pictures done? Risking their health, and not having everything you need to care for them? Well you don’t need to, one of our professional photographers will come directly to you and do pictures at your home. We will setup a mini studio at your home, where you are comfortable, the baby is comfortable and capture those precious memories that you want to share with everyone! Having your baby swaddled? Maybe in a bassinet, how about having your baby held in your arms with both parents? We have done them all! 


Everything You Dreamed

One of the most long awaited, planned, and day dreamed days for a Woman is their wedding day! We understand that it is a day that you never want to forget, and you want to be perfect; so let us capture that memory so that you can share it with your family and friends! With every little detail you have planned we understand that you want them all to be remembered, so let us put you at ease and preserve those precious moments and allow you to embrace your day with your guests.

Lux Picture won’t miss a single detail that you have created on your wedding day. From the moment that you are getting ready, to the last kiss of the night; if you are wanting it to be captured, we will have someone there to ensure it is never forgotten. We have plenty of options for you to be able to share your memories and look back at them as well; from a digital album, your own personal app that you can share, leather wrapped wedding albums and even your own canvas that can be hung up in your home.


Show Off Your Pride

What is the most important thing in your life? We have been told that it is “Family”. Today’s technology allows you to take photos everyday, but when are you in the photos with your family as well? Or is that photo suitable for you to print it up and put it on the wall of your home or office?

Lux Picture is about capturing the LOVE and Raw Emotions that each person in your family has for each other. We capture that story so that you are able to embrace it and tell showoff that story to your friends and extended family! With options to display those memories either digitally, on Canvas, Acrylic, Slate, Wood, or even Metal; everyone will be talking about it!

Executive Portraits

Personality & Professionalism

You took the moment to explore getting Executive Portraits, so let’s get you standing out from your competition!  We want to pull out your personality, your best features, and tell a story to your customers so they have confidence and trust with you. Since you are a Professional, let us make sure that everyone knows you are Professional with Professionally Edited images that display those features that will draw in your customer.

Senior Portraits

Uniquely You

What is the best year of your life? Most tell us that their Senior Year is the best year of their life, and the time when many start to find their personality. We don’t just do the photos in the Studio, where you feel like you blend in, We capture Your Personality by preserving the memories of what Makes You Different and Unique!

Your friends won’t have these photos; you want to have your friends to be talking about your photos. Do you want to be known for your musical talents, you

Our pictures show you being uniquely you. Your Senior Portraits will be the talk of the town.

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Send us a message here and we will get back to you with an answer within 24 business hours. Thank you!


As you can see, Lux Picture is a multi-faceted photography company specializing in capturing that perfect moment.

You can use the form on the right to contact us or give our lead photographer, Matt Bilancia a call at (813) 671-2891

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