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Portrait Tips – this should be a post not page

Clothing: Recommendations for studio portraits are garments that are not overly busy, medium to dark tones of black, brown, blue, green, grey, and red are good choices. Since darker clothing creates a slimming effect in pictures, it is normally chosen for close ups, full length and three quarter length studio portraits.

It is important to coordinate a family or group with similar clothing when doing group portraits so that no one individual is to stand out among the others. Creating balance in a group or family portrait allows for a stronger picture.

Clothing that is too loose or too tight for a person can create unpleasant folds, wrinkles, and creases that become focal points for people. Avoid wearing clothing that could attract this in your photography. All of your clothing is important, dress comfortably from head to toe for poses that may include your feet. Please Note: Tan lines and Sunburns cannot be fixed in your portraits without extensive artwork.

Long-sleeved garments are desired as bare arms attract attention to themselves and typically overpower the face.

Hair for men and woman should be planned as well for your portraits. A haircut for woman should be scheduled a minimum of a week out before your portrait just in case you are not satisfied with the results. Men should be groomed as well to the everyday look. A five o’clock shadow can be overpowering and cannot be removed from a portrait.

Make-up: We always recommend that you wear make-up, both men and woman. Men only need a light powder to reduce flash glare. No one will ever notice that you are wearing make-up! Woman should not wear heavier make-up then they would typically wear for an evening out. If you typically do not wear make-up a foundation is recommended to reduce shin and even out your skin tone.

Hands and Feet are important as well. Lotion is recommended to prevent an ashy and dry look.

For Outdoor Portraits we recommend that you wear clothing that is slightly looser fitting and lighter in tone for portraits that are done in early morning and at dusk.

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