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With the right photographs from Lux Picture, you can relive the memories you have shared with one another, over and over again.

Every Wedding Begins with a Perfect Photo

Lux Picture offers many different wedding photography packages. Check out what is available or customize your own package. Let Lux Picture ensure your precious moments are captured in a way that will always be remembered.

Are you interested in having Lux Picture capture all of your wedding moments? Contact Matthew Bilancia by phone at (813) 671-2891 or send an e-mail to Matt@LuxPicture.com to discuss further details and pricing.


We cater to the needs of those who have busy schedules, and want that personalized service to make it a more memorable experience. With many specialties, I often work as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, and a special events photographer. Some of my other specialties include fine art photographer and glamour.

Please take a moment to look around the website and browse through my online portfolio to see some examples of my work. If you are interested in my services for your personal needs, please contact me through the Contact page in the navigation below.

How many pictures will I get?

Quality of Quantity. We want you to have images that you are excited to share with your family and friends. Ones that EVERYONE falls in love with, shows your personality and it screams who you are. More then what you can see from a selfie, and ones that don’t get hidden on your hard drive and never see again.

What should I expect from my photoshoot?

Our goal is to make sure you feel like a prince or princess during your photoshoot. We want you to remember the experience in a positive way forever. We can make it as simple as possible, or as glamorous as you like. Some clients want to do this in a studio setting, and others like to do it outdoors. It is totally up to you, and what you would like to experience.

What makes you different than other photographers?

We create art work for you. We do everything without sending it out to others to be done. We take the photos, we develop the images, we create canvas’s for you, can create metal art pieces, put your images on slate, wood, create albums, plus many other products. So, we offer a lot more than a digital image that never gets seen 6 months after your session.

How does your pricing work?

Every time we have had a package to offer customers, we were asked if they could substitute something. Our experience has been that it is best for us to know what you are looking for. Take advantage of our free consultation and allow one of our professionals to custom create something that best fits your needs and budget.

Our photo sessions start at $150.00 but depending on the needs and desires will determine your actual investment.

Matt is a great photographer! He pays attention to details and knows what he is doing when it comes to producing high quality products. I am so happy with the photos that came from my photo shoot.

Sara Roberts

” I really like using Lux Pictures for the reason they do so much more than email pictures, they have an entire web team dedicated to getting your properties exposed and work closely with search engines to make sure your seen. The results speak for themselves and it’s worth every penny.”

Lawrence Darby

“He is always professional without being impersonal. Recently he did our photographs, and he was very attentive to our daughters cues and needs, which is so important. I would recommend Matt as a photograph to anyone seeking a quality capture of their events of any kind!

Angelea Kae Torn

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As you can see, Lux Picture is a multi-faceted photography company specializing in capturing that perfect moment.

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