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What do you look for when you select a photographer for your wedding? A tasteful portfolio is a must, varied recommendations and a reputation as well. If this photographer can show some choice work from past projects, then perhaps they have it in them for your wedding too. If all the boxes are checked, then let’s do it! Done, booked and paid for, right?

However, newlyweds often overlook the most important aspect with a wedding photographer, which is a solid rapport. Rather, it cannot be understated more how important it is to simply get along well with your photographer. And while we’re at it, why not get along famously?

Look at it this way: if the most sought-after wedding photographer in your area simply does not mesh well with you and your partner, then the work will not be up to one’s potential. Someone will start to drag their feet, and the whole experience can be a waste of everyone’s time and your money. The type of photos your receive will reflect this “less-than-thrilled-to-be-here” relationship. Think of your work and your relationship with your boss: don’t you work harder for someone you like? And less for someone you do not? A wedding photographer would think or act no differently.

Let’s say those perfect wedding photos via a photographer come from a score of 100%. The initial 90% of labor comes from respected professions who have been paid to show up and take photographs. However, the final 10% is where those “pintrest gold” wedding photographs emerge. We’re not here to claim only good photographs emerge when people get along well, but it sure doesn’t hurt the whole experience.

Think of it as a Job Interview

_73A0146The process of selecting a photographer should be much akin to a job interview, but you’re the boss who is hiring! How does the photographer present themselves? Firm handshake, eye contact? What aspects that you would bring to a job interview are missing? Do they seem eager to be there? Make your questions as specific as you can, and as many as you like. Take your time and see how this prospective photographer responds. But most importantly tune into how comfortable they make you feel. Someone who does not feel the need to politely and adequately answer your questions beforehand is unlikely to shine and wow you on your wedding day.

Also remember that in a way you’re being interviewed too. Experienced photographers are just as eager to mesh well with their clients. This principle works both ways. If a photographer gets along well with a couple, then the resulting product will likely reflect this. Any and all successful photographers are busy. If they do not like what they see, why would they not move onto the next client who respects what they do and are clear with what they want.

Listen to your Gut

As with many other aspect of life, first impressions and the gut feelings go a long way. This wedding is only going to happen once! One chance for just one company to snap those great photos. If you meet with a photographer once or twice, and something isn’t right, simply cancel the deal. Perhaps you’re even put down a little money. Now it seems like you are more or less committed. Suddenly for whatever reason, this photographer’s true colors are shown, and UG, you don’t like it. Simply cancel. Remember that you do not owe the photographer anything, and never feel bullied into a deal simply because you have met with the photographer a few times.

It may be an awkward conversation to cancel someone who is ready to go and even has some of your money, but that brief interaction is small peanuts compared to a lifetime of mediocre photos.

Let Lux Help…

When you get along well with your photographer, the style of what you want in your pictures will easy develop and the results will speak for themselves. At Lux Picture, we share that view, and look to develop relationships with our clients. When the work flow between a client and photographer is something to look forward to, your wedding day photography will be something to look back on fondly.

Please keep in mind when choosing a photographer how well you get along with this person. It is undoubtedly the first step in receiving those perfect wedding day photographs. We also encourage you to reach out and contact Lux Picture to start developing that relationship.



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