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You have more than likely seen them all; squished, bundled, poised, and just oh-so-cute! That is, newborn pictures! Here at Lux Picture we certainly do enjoy capturing those huge heartwarming moments that come from such tiny beings.

Most typically, we suggest that newborn sessions take place between day 3 & 10 after birth. During those first few days after making grand entrance into the world, our photographers will be able to capture the best memories while your newborn is sleeping in a deep slumber, therefore most likely will easily allow the re-positioning and moving that occurs to keep them in such cute poses.

You can take advantage of having our photographers come to you for these sentimental memories to be captured in the most professional way. We are pros at this! All that is needed is, well, the newborn! Of course, family members that want to be included for family pictures is a good thing too! You can also come on site for a private session as well and take advantage of the studio setting. Either way, we do like to mention that the glorious sessions of photographing a newborn will also include the obvious details that come with having a new little one who will get hungry & also need diapers tended to, so we will suggest you can expect to spend a little more time than normal with us. Don’t worry, we don’t mind the extra newborn expressions we get to capture because of it!

Newborn movements are oh-so-special, and go by oh-too-fast. We want to capture them for you so you can have treasured memories to last a lifetime.

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