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Senior Portraits are a bigger deal than they used to be. No longer are the cap n’ gown school-shot images for the yearbook enough. Those graduating now grew up surrounded by social media. They socialize through Facebook, show off through Instagram and are quite familiar with the almighty “selfie”. They see they’re friends doing something different and unique and want to try it too.

A new trend among senior portraits is getting outside the box, being unique, and getting those shots with a professional. Those seniors with an urge to express themselves are more and more looking to hire professional photographers to give their senior shoot something big. No more of the usual scholastic photo-op: sit, smile, click and done.

Perhaps either you or your soon-to-be graduate have been considering this. A move beyond the standard fare of cap n’ gown shots and into something that is unique. We at Lux Picture want to take a few moments to discuss exactly what this “boutique” senior photos option is, and even more important, what to look for in a photographer to get the shots you want and have your money go exactly as far as your anticipated.

As with anything in life, the maxim “you get what you pay for” is ever present in the world of professional photography. If you want to try fun quirky photos as a senior, but ask your aunt who owns a camera to shoot for you, it may not look as stunning as you hoped. Everyone has their strengths, and someone who happens to simply own a camera will likely not have their strengths there. So to simply address this point, taking the time to hire a professional will make your resulting photography something worth showing off. This isn’t a bad concept for your wedding photography, but that’s later and another article.

Why You Need a Professional

luxluxWhile it isn’t difficult to find a photographer that matches your style, there are certainly lots out there and that task could seem daunting. First is the easy part, simply find a photographer whose work you like. Look at your friend’s senior portraits if that’s available. Ask around at work for someone who might fit with your child’s look. If you like what they do, you will possibly like what they can do for you.

Photographers also have the experience and know-how to develop the proper rapport with a client. As an professional will tell you in any field, when you get along with who you have to work with, the work is simply a little less, well, work. This goes even further when an element of artistic expression is involved. Somewhere inside you or your child is some great personality to be captured via photography. Think how easy that would be to express yourself if you simply felt comfortable with the photographer you’re going to work with.

Now imagine the kind of results you’re going to get with a run-of-the-mill photographer, who is taking 300 hundred shots in one day. You or your little loved one only gets to graduate from high school once, and don’t you want just the perfect set of images to look back on?

You need someone there who is focused on just you! Photographers also do this type of thing a lot. Simply put, they know what to look for. They are professionals for a reason, and they have great experience in expressing artistic subtly. A friend with a camera, or someone without this crucial experience is really only pointing and shooting. A professional knows lighting, timing, exposure and a host of other factors that can combine to give you that perfect set of senior photos.

Try Out Our App!

And of course we at Lux Picture want this process to be as smooth as possible, so we’ve developed a Senior Photos App just for your convenience. In one easy page you can peruse a few prior clients to give a feel for style and submit an application with a simple push of a button.

Whoever you go with, please simply consider our points above to find that great look you want. This is truly a once-in-lifetime opportunity for you or your child and why not go that extra mile to get the results everyone will love backing on for a generation to come.

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